Analog High Definition Technology or AHD

The market of video surveillance systems offers  vast choice of security systems and solutions. All of them are based on different technologies, such as HD-TVI, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, AHD technology. The consumer has wide opportunities to choose the most relevant one.

In this article, we will speak about AHD (Analog High Definition) technology. This technology is a relatively new one in the market. Anyhow, it has managed to gain great popularity in short time, because of its appealing features for end-users.



Explained simply, AHD technology uses coaxial cable for transmitting HD/Full HD video, audio, and the control signal from the security camera to the Digital Video Recorder-DVR without any latency or loss at the distance of 500 meters. One interesting feature typical to AHD, that the quality of coax cable doesn’t play any significant role for transmission. That’s why any coax cable is suitable.  AHD supports 720p and 1080p HD video resolutions. AHD security cameras deliver either 1080P HD or 720P HD clear sharp images.

One of the advantages of AHD technology is that AHD video recorders can work in three formats. Therefore with three types of video cameras: standard analog D1/960H, AHD and IP. Due to this smart feature, you can connect already installed IP or/and standard analog video cameras to AHD video recorder.

Like HD-TVI, AHD technology is also an open technology, which allows a customer to choose AHD equipment of different manufacturers because they are compatible with each other due to the same technology used.

Here we want remind our readers once more that CVI, AHD and TVI technologies aren’t compatible with each other. In this case, if you already used AHD cameras you should use AHD DVRs. TVI cameras will not work with CVI DVRs and vice versa.  AHD security systems gained popularity, as they have rather an affordable price while offering high-quality images. Easy operation is also one of the benefits: they are easy to use, plug & play, therefore no encoders, converters or switches are required. Installers with limited experience of IP network systems can easily cope with the installation process. AHD cameras and DVRs are installed using the same coax cable as traditional analog CCTV cameras. Some end-users prefer to use UTP cables such as CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 and get a transmission distance up to 1000 feet.

Samsung Wisenet Security System and Solutions

Samsung offers consumers and security professionals a new, affordable, high quality, easy to use security systems. AHD technology connects the high resolution of HD technology with the easy installation process of analog systems.

Samsung Wisenet line security cameras incorporated AHD technology, thus enabling to deliver superb quality HD images over coaxial cabling.

WiseNet HD+ cameras and DVRs appeal to end-users who are eager to capture and record Full HD 1080p images, but they don’t want yet to migrate from analog to an IP network based video surveillance solution.



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