3 Reasons why to choose EXIR Technology

Conventional IR, integral to cameras, uses an array of individual LEDs which aren’t particularly focused to the lens pattern. This tends to result in a picture which has a circular pattern of brightness with more illumination at the center of the image.

Hikvision, the world market leader for security cameras and accessories for video surveillance has developed the EXIR system which uses a lens configuration to make the illumination pattern rectangular and more evenly dispersed. The EXIR IR system is used in some of TVI and IP cameras.

So, main benefits of EXIR technology are:

1. Highly efficient light source and enhanced LED light strength.Hikvision’s EXIR technology offers up-to 30% increase in illuminant efficiency, more than traditional LED array technology. Compared to a traditional light extraction of 750mV, EXIR offers 1050mV, resulting in stronger light for long-range visibility usage.

2. Rectangular-shaped lenses are used for better light usage. To make the most out of IR LED light, Hikvision EXIR produces LED light in the form of a rectangle in order to fit a screen’s normal size, which is 4:3 or 16:9, and it helps to improve LED utilization efficiency and reduce light pollution in the surrounding environment.

3. Objects are more evenly illuminated, thus avoiding the typical shortcomings of conventional lighting systems based on infrared array elements (too much light in the center of the frame and not enough on the edges).


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