7 Important Features Of Security Cameras

Considering buying a security camera? Want to know what is most important, what features the cameras should have? In this article we’ll discuss some of them, which make the camera better, more professional, more effective and worth buying.

Security cameras are an essential part of your home and business, and this is the case, when quality means safety.

#1 Video Quality

In the security camera business, the video quality produced and recorded by your system is very important. Now, security cameras offer at least 720p resolution, and many even offer as high as 1080p for recording and streaming. Some of the top surveillance systems on the market feature 1280×960-pixel camera resolution and more.

The main purpose of a surveillance security system is to capture or deter criminals when there is suspicious activity around the house, business, or personal items. When a crime does occur, a high-resolution camera can provide a clear and detailed picture of the criminal.
#2 Vandal-proof cameras

Vandal proof security cameras are equipped with a metal housing that prevents the camera from damage from vandalism, physical abuse or possible maltreatment. All homes or businesses should strongly consider vandal proof security cameras for their video surveillance system installation. Vandal proof security cameras are often utilized in high-security areas like warehouses, banks, airports, hotels, parking lots, and retail stores.

#3 Weatherproof Cameras

Weatherproof cameras feature at least an IP66 weather rating, which is a standard rating of protection offered by a camera’s enclosure. Each outdoor camera housing is constructed to keep out small particles such as dust, and is unaffected by a range of weather conditions including heavy rain and snow.



#4 Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is an important feature to consider when both purchasing and installing security cameras. The viewing angle will determine where you position the cameras and exactly how much they can see at a time.

For instance, a 180° megapixel camera could be used to monitor a parking lot adjacent to the building that it’s mounted on. Actually, this one camera could take the place of up to four analog security cameras.

A 360-degree fisheye and panoramic security camera provides 360° surround view without blind spots, and it is ideal for surveillance applications that require wide area coverage in a single view.

#5 Remote Monitoring / Web Access

This is not only a feature and a service that is just generally added to your overall video surveillance system, it’s also a way to manage and oversee your business from a distance. You’d better buy a camera that can be accessed via the Web. You’ll be able to see the yard, the front door or your workplace from the screen of your smartphone or laptop computer.
#6 Recording / Storage

A security camera that doesn’t save or record what it captures isn’t very effective, especially if you’re hoping to prosecute an intruder. That’s why most security cameras offer either local or cloud storage and sometimes, both.
#7 Low-Light Security Cameras / IR

Infrared security cameras capture video in low light and no light areas. IR cameras, or infrared cameras are also known as Night vision security cameras. Infrared cameras have IR LEDs positioned around the outer edges of the camera lens which gives the camera its Night Vision capability.


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