Dummy Security cameras VS Real Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras imitate the appearance of real cameras and there are cases when they really help to deter crime. Installing fake security camera is surely a better idea than having no security cameras at all. Fake or dummy security cameras are installed whenn property owners can not afford real security cameras

 Nowadays, fake security cameras are available in different sizes, colors, shapes. In most cases they use the original housing. There are dummy cameras which have some features like a fake pan/tilt/zoom, or red lights which make the camera look more realistic and achieve better results. Of course dummy cameras have the advantages of being much cheaper, they don’t need any maintenance and in certain situations they are useful. But before buying a dummy security camera, you should review all pros and cons seriously, and make the right decision. You should understand, that when it comes to security and protection of what is dear to us, fake cameras are a great risk.
In most cases burglars and criminals are capable of telling the difference between a fake and dummy camera at one glance. As the 80-90% property crimes are being planned beforehand, the cameras, burglar alarms and other deterrents are also checked beforehand. Always remember, that a real security camera is a safer bet than a fake one. Besides, when something bad happens to Your property or business, you will not have a surveillance footage, if you had have chosen fake security cameras. The use of fake security signs and stickers is also a bad idea, as it takes only a few minutes to google the company name and find out, whether your house is secured by that particular company or it is a fake.

It’s not a good practice from a security point of view or, when used for business, from a business point of view. Besides, dummy cameras may mislead other people in that certain area of “Surveillance” into fake sense of security, thus resulting in potential liability issues for the location owner in case of accidents.
Installing fake security cameras is a bad idea, especially when the property is located in high crime areas, if you have valuables, which should be well protected, and of course, if the well-being and security of your family members, employees or customers matters most. Modern CCTV market offers affordable security cameras and security systems, and one should realize, that this is not the case to save or go on budget. Anyway, Hikvision offers security cameras and security solutions which fit to any budget. Hikvision offers best quality for affordable price, and this is where it stands out in the market. To know more about quality security cameras and home innovation systems, please follow the link.

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