Security Cameras as Crime Deterrent

We have already discussed the importance of using CCTV cameras in public places, and first of all the role of CCTV cameras as crime deterrent. In this article we will find out, what do we mean by saying crime deterrent?

The most important thing is, that the cameras are an effective tool in reducing crime if deployed the right way. Correct installation, monitoring and maintenance of the cameras plays a key role in crime prevention. The use of CCTV Cameras can be a solution to issues like vandalism, drug use, drunkenness, racial harassment, sexual harassment, anti-social behavior.

It is very important to let the society know about the use of security camerasat certain area. The offender must be aware of the cameras’ presence. There should be put special signs for cameras, and as different studies and statistics show, crime rate has decreased in areas, where warning signs were put. Actually, it is not so important to arrest the criminal, but it is of more importance to prevent the misbehavior. Sometimes it is even possible that fake cameras could achieve the same preventative aim as active systems. Anyhow, there might be cases, where hidden cameras should be used, because of some really important security matters, or when the police is carrying out an investigation.

Video evidence not only helps police investigate crimes, it can be used as evidence in court.

Internal cameras are meant to keep the employees honest and identify those who are not. Internal cameras can also prevent shoplifting and armed robbery and they can identify those who commit crimes despite the cameras.

An integrated security system that includes surveillance cameras is a must have nowadays, especially in areas which have high criminal rate.

So, Video Surveillance aims to:

1. deter Crime

2. increase the confidence in public safety

3. increase the property protection status

4. help police with its investigations

5. prevent social misbehavior


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