Security Cameras at Schools. Protection or Privacy Issue?

The idea of installing security cameras at schools is considered the best and quickest way to deal with problems at school, while some people think it is invasive. Ensuring security of students at school campus is a task of utmost importance, so parents, school representatives and also students should consider involving security cameras both outside and inside the buildings, no matter it’s a one-building school or a several-acres educational complex. Of course this does not mean that school representatives will have nothing more to do with students’ security while having surveillance at school. A professional, highly-alert staff and well-trained, self-confident students who have the proper knowledge of self-defense and behavior are more important than any technology or electronic tool. Anyhow, technology only comes to help, to make the whole process safer and more effective. This is especially important in areas, where schools face challenges like vandalism, high-crime rate etc.

Today we will bring out some arguments, which we consider important and will help those, to hesitate is it a good idea or not.

Argument #1

Feeling of safety at School

The feeling of security and safety comes with security cameras, is priceless. Every single one can be sure that he/she is protected and help will arrive, whenever needed.


Acting as Deterrent

Cameras at school should be able to put everyone on their best behavior. It would be a deterrent against abusive behaviors, theft, lie, aggression, By saying everyone, we mean both school representatives and students.

Argument #3

Parents’ Peace of Mind

If possible, parents should be given access to camera live stream, if not, the camera recordings. Parents will be happy to be given a chance to observe how their children are engaged at school, and be sure they are protected.

Argument #4

Educational Improvements

In general, it is a perfect tool for officials responsible for certain school-program to monitor the whole educational process, identify mistakes and advantages, make corrections.

Argument #5


Principles and other school officials waste tons of time on figuring out who is responsible for certain misbehavior. Broken windows or other property, child-abuse, bullying and a lot more. With a few cameras installed it will not be necessary to waste time on explanations and sometimes false accusations.

Argument #6

Nothing to Hide

It is normally believed, that if someone evades a security camera, he has something to hide. School is considered a public area, so why to be against a camera in a public place if You do not do anything against law and discipline?

This list can be endless, as our children are our treasure, and they should be cared for and protected well, and why not, teachers also need protection nowadays, especially in certain areas and in certain situations.


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