Security: From Cavemen to Modern Security Cameras

Security concept has passed a long way, starting from cavemen to modern world.  It developed, widened, evolved and turned into industry of high demand.
Our ancestors used rocks, wood, and other natural resources, dug pits to ward off predators and keep themselves out of danger. In a course of time, the men fine-tuned these rudimentary tools and created spears, bows and arrows to hunt for food and increase their chance of survival. The next step was keeping dogs to increase security level.  After that, came the watchtowers, gates, moats, weapons, security guards… Some of them are still in use today, with some modifications, after a while, people began using chimes as burglar alarms.
After harnessing electricity and the invention of the telegraph, things changed radically.
You may not believe, but the first electro-magnetic alarm system in the world was already patented on 21 June by Augustus Russell Pope, an inventor from Somerville in Boston. Up until then, people had mainly relied on the loud chatter of their startled geese, the integrity of their guard dogs or mechanical ringing to catch any intruders on their property.
Today, these security systems have become extremely elaborate thanks to technological advances and innovations.
Edwin Holmes began manufacturing the first electric burglar alarms in the early 1850s. Holmes built upon the technology originally created by Augustus Pope. Holmes obtained Pope’s patent rights and began to expand upon the invention by adding a bell to the system to alert homeowners when a door or window was opened. In 1970s, the alarm systems were equipped with motion detectors. Major Innovations The American Telephone and Telegraph Company bought the Holmes Burglar business in 1905 with linking it to emergency call systems for inviting police and fire fighting personnel. After World War II, they became less expensive and more versatile for use in 1980s, and by the middle of 1990s the system had already become an inseparable part of security system.
Security cameras are found in a wide variety of organizations, ranging from government agencies and industrial plants to apartment buildings and schools.
The world of modern science with its electronic devices each and every thing became possible and we are now conquering the universe and whole solar system. We are not only aware of the security system of modern age, but also we have developed various ways of precautions, procedures through the centuries experiments in dealing and handling with emergency in the event of any unwanted hazards or incidents.
Security technology has evolved over time, but the central monitoring model has stayed the industry standard. After the invention of the telephone, home security systems were hardwired to the home’s telephone line and directed alerts to a remote monitoring center that would dispatch emergency responders. These systems are still popular today.   In the 2000s, Smartphone technology gave us sensors and processors that are small, powerful, efficient, and affordable. With ubiquitous internet access and the fact that more than half of all adults in the US own Smartphone, brand new technologies were able to be applied to the home security sector.These sensor-packed, self-installed, and often self-monitored systems enable raw data collection like never before, while cloud computing allows the user to receive real-time information on their smart devices.Security camera systems redefine what it means to keep your family and property protected from criminal activity by allowing you to remotely monitor your home or business when you cannot physically be there.These systems transmit real-time images of your home or business to your smartphone or laptop. Providing you with 24/7 visual access to the exterior and interior of any building, state-of-the-art security cameras come in a variety of sizes to accommodate many areas, from recessed corners inside your home to long driveways to extended parking lots.



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